About Our Brand 

Perfectly Imperfect Swimwear is a brand designed for the sexy, modest woman. My vision was derived out of a need to find a swimsuit that covers the midsection but also offers a sexy look. 

As a mother of four, including twins, my belly was left with what I call “mommy marks”, the war wounds of motherhood. As a young, vibrant woman, I love the look of a two-piece bikini, however that wasn’t the best option postpartum. I was left with the “not so flattering” one piece or the barely there one piece. 

This birth the idea of Perfectly Imperfect, the swim brand that offers a swimsuit that allows a woman to feel comfortable, confident, and covered, without compromising her sexy.


Perfectly Imperfect Swimwear is made of high quality UPF 50+ swimwear fabric, which stretches and conforms to your body’s curves. Providing you with support in all the right places.


- Jameka Jones

Perfectly Imperfect Swimwear LLC